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3 Port Swivel

Swivel has 4 quadring seals



Explorer Button Modification / Upgrade

(Standard on Neptune CCR)



The HS Explorer is still the world's only dive computer to incorporate the complete 

Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM) algorithm.

HS Explorer® Model M

Mixed Gas Dive Computer

10 in-water selectable gas mixes with almost any combination of N-He-02

Time to surface prediction based on decompression using planned gas changes

Supports Constant PPO2 for Rebreathers (5 rebreather mixes + 5 open circuit mixes)

Also available with direct O2 cell (PPO2) monitoring and computation.

Max Depth 600 ft./180M

Model M - $850

Model O with O2 Cell Input - $950

The Model O can be used with CCR's and SCR's when connected to an O2 cell. 

Update your Explorer Model M for the O2 Cell Model O for $250. 

All Explorers are provided with: Manual (website PDF), PC Simulator and PC interface Cable.

Download the most current version of the Explorer Simulator and Manual (See Links Below).

HS Explorer Dive Computer Feature Comparison

All models can be upgraded to the latest firmware for a mimimal service fee plus shipping costs.

Contact us for details

HS Explorer® PPO2 Monitor

Large, easy to read display. No backlight or alarms.

Battery life - 2000 hours operation, ~ 8 years

PPO2-1 with 1 O2 Cell Input - $450

PPO2-3 with 3 O2 Cell Input - $550


HS Explorer Manual (Deutsch - Metrisch) PDF format (500K) (02/20/03)

Nun enthalten: Verzögerter Abstieg und Nutzung mit Externem O2 Sensor

HS Explorer Manual (RGBM, English - Imperial) PDF format (510K) (04/11/03)

Now includes Delayed Descent Procedures and Diving with Oxygen Fuel Cell Procedures

HS Explorer Manual (RGBM, English - Metric) PDF format (510K) (04/11/03)

Now includes Delayed Descent Procedures and Diving with Oxygen Fuel Cell Procedures

HS Explorer Manual (Preliminary) (Español - Métrico) PDF format (450K) (08/20/02)

HS Explorer Manuale (Italiano - Metrico) PDF format (640K) (07/07/02)

HS Explorer Specification (03/04/02)

HS Explorer Battery Life Test Results PDF format (8K) (04/27/02)

Firmware Update List (04/27/11)

In general, the  HS Explorer Simulator Program Updates follow the Dive Computer Firmware

Current HS Explorer Model M Firmware Version is 4.08.9

Current HS Explorer Model O Firmware Version is 4.08.9

Please check back for the latest updates.

Explorer Case Recall Notice (Effective 08/12/02)

Frequently Asked Questions (04/27/11)

Questions / Suggestions? email: support@hs-eng.com  

Download the HS Explorer Simulator Program v4.02.9 (04/11/03)

(Not for use with early Explorer versions - CF algorithms do not match)

The Simulator includes RGBM, a revised Mix Table Display, Menus, plus Elapsed Time (ET) Schedule (Buhlmann), TRIMIX Optimization, TRIMIX/NITROX and HeliAir Gas Blending Tools,updated Help files

ZIP format (645k) - ExpSim4029.ZIP

Dell Laptop Owners follow this link

Contact us:

For Explorer support e-mail: support@hs-eng.com

HydroSpace Engineering, Inc.

6920 Cypress Lake Ct.

St. Augustine, FL 320866

Ph: 904.794.7896, Fax: 904.794.1529


Volume I (Imperial - 304 pages) & Volume II (Metric - 190 pages)

These handbooks provide a cookbook approach to mixing NITROX

Never waste your residual NITROX again!

Available from IANTD

Jeff Bozanic's Book is The Ultimate Reference on Rebreather's

Hardback $50, Soft Cover $40
Plus shipping: ($5 Media Mail within U.S., $20 Priority Mail International)
Jeff Bozanic
P.O. Box 3448
Huntington Beach, CA  92605-3448

Please Support the Beckie Albury Medical Fund

Beckie is doing well but still has major drug expenses, 04/27/11



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